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Belle Victorian Gardens, Romancing Belle Photography and Romancing the Stone Styling have a new blog, www.romancingbellephotography.com/blog.  We are so excited to let you all know we have a new look and Pam has combined her talents of styling, Romancing the Stone Styling and her wedding venue, Belle Victorian Gardens.  You will also see some of her new work, Romancing Belle Photography.  Please be sure to subscribe and follow us on our new site.  Leave us some comment love so we know what you all think.  We are so grateful to all you beautiful peeps who follow my work and my life’s loves.  Loving life and all things beautiful.  Check us out!

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Partying At Belle, Give Away Details!


     So excited to share with all my wonderful readers and followers that Belle is now offering Baby Showers and Princess Birthday Parties. There are so many details to inform you about. Hopefully this little flyer explains a little more info about the beautifully styled baby showers we will be offering at Belle. We will be specializing in taking care of all the details for up to 25 guests, including lunch, drinks, a stunning candy bar and a beautifully decorated cake by Sweet Frosting.  Best of all, all the glitter and glam will be documented by Meg from Megan Robinson Photography, http://www.megan-robinson.com. You will be given all the high-resolution files to print at your leisure.  All of this and your sweet baby shower will be styled to perfection by Pam at Romancing the Stone Styling, http://www.romancingthestonestyling.com. We are scheduling all baby showers in the winter months from early October through the end of April.

     For our Princess Birthday Parties, we are offering full photography coverage by Kim with Kim Stadler Photography, http://www.kimstadlerphotography.com, as well as styling from Romancing the Stone. You will be allowed up to 8 guests, with all the tea time sandwiches and cuisine, cake, ice cream, and a candy bar. We are scheduling our birthday parties from June through September during the week, Monday through Wednesday. All guests will be treated to a princess parade all dressed to the nines in authentic vintage gowns, crowns, gloves, and jewelry. Each young lady will be individually photographed by Kim in her vintage gown. An old-fashioned cake walk will be played with a beautifully decorated cake as the prize! A trip around the maypole is also on the agenda as well as much, much more. Come and let us take care of all the details so you can enjoy this magical day with your daughter and her friends.


     We are so excited to hear from some of you.  If you want to give a gift of lasting impact and memories, give us a call today at 509-276-6939 and we will be more than happy to discuss in more detail what we can do for you.  We can also quote you a specified investment that fits your event to a tee.  Let us make this once in a lifetime event, over the moon delightful!


     Now for the best part! We want to give away a beautifully styled photo session by Romancing the Stone Styling and photographed by the incomparable Megan Robinson. This session will include hair and professional make-up as well. The fortunate winner will receive a 2 hour session along with all the high-resolution files on a disc for you to print how you wish!  All you have to do is go to Megs website, http://www.megan-robinson.com, and Romancing’s website, http://www.romancingthestonestyling.com, and then head back over here to leave a comment on what you love most about Meg’s photography, and why you feel styling is important to a big event in your life such as a wedding, baby shower, and or a birthday. We are so thrilled to hear from you and a random drawn winner will be announced on AppleBrides on March 8th.   The winner will be notified by email.  Happy Entering!


The real shower day! 098

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Setting The Record Straight!

52ef80ad989af828e426974909160398                                     Because I post  a lot of my work on facebook, some of you may have noticed the fact that I am now doing some photography and also working to learn more about photoshop.  Photography is a highly creative medium and one that I have had my hands in for quite some time now, since high school to be exact.   Because we own a venue, and my couples hire photographers to document their wedding day, I feel that there has been some misconceptions about what will happen to Belle referrals concerning photography.  There have been many things said or assumed in the industry about what Pam and Larry might or might not be doing concerning this issue.  I have heard everything from the fact that Larry is now going to become Belle’s own DJ to Pam will now be photographing all her couples as part of Belle’s wedding package.  This is why I am writing to hopefully help set the record straight!


     I have always been a person that thrives on creativity.  I adore anything that lives or breathes loveliness.  I am at an age in my life that I feel time could be very limited. None of us are guaranteed tomorrow and there are may things I want to accomplish before I leave this earth.  Documenting my business, my life’s work, my loves, and the things that swirl around my head are just a few of them.    Sometimes it is very difficult to convey these things to another photographer.  I have always been a do it yourself kind of person.  It is so much easier to take on certain things than to have someone do it for you.  I am good at doing most things creative and this definitely has come with a price.  What is most difficult is the ill truths that are talked about a person that are certainly not true.  I am frustrated by the fact that these few people will not seek the source for the truth.   It is very hurtful when they speak of these non truths and carry it to others.  This is truly why I am writing so my heart is known.  I just want to express myself in the area of photo journalism.  I have the right to do so, just like any one else.  Please forgive me if I have hurt you or stepped on your toes in any way.  My heart is to never intentionally hurt anyone.  I am learning all the ethics of the photography world and I know in this learning process I have hurt a few of you and my heart is sick over it.  I have tried to address it personally.  There are many people in my life who have been super supportive and I thank each and every one of you, and you know who you are. 



     I just want to let everyone know that Larry will not be acting as a DJ out at Belle and Pam will not be an onsite photographer for Belle.  It would be physically impossible to do these jobs along with everything else we do on a wedding day.  I will and always will, take photos of my couples during their wedding day, when I can, to post on facebook for my future brides and facebook followers to view right away.  I do not owe anyone referrals although I love to refer great people.  I want my couples and their families to have the ultimate experience at Belle on their wedding day.  I am about serving them, not serving other vendors or my own needs.   I am honored to work with so many wonderful people in the wedding field and I would not be where I am right now if not for some of you.  My heart and head are full of the possibilities that are to come in learning new things and exploring new ideas in the wedding industry.  Again, I am ecstatic to be part of this industry and encourage any of you who may hear things circulating around the grapevine to check always first and foremost with the source.  Gossip is truly a really distasteful thing.  Thank-you so very much for lending me your ear and understanding!  Last but not least thank-you ever so much for your loyal following and support of all things lovely and edifing. 


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Styling An Engagement In Spain!

I am sure most of my lovely, faithful, and endearing followers know that this past Fall I was asked to style a photo workshop in Ibiza, Spain. It was such an honor to be asked to go and even more exciting to be in Europe. Ibiza took me by surprise with its beauty. It is a coastal town right on the ocean. It is a destination wedding island much like Hawaii is to us. The small town of Ibiza is rich with culture. The old town of Dalt’ Villa remains on the upper hill in the city and is still surrounded with massive rock fortress walls. It has been richly preserved for all locals to enjoy and all tourists to partake. And partake we did! We stayed in a beautiful, luxury hostel right below the old city gates. We were treated like Kings and Queens. Ana, our beautiful host and her amazingly, handsome man Matia, were the most gracious people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. They were divine friends for life. They embraced us as if to say we have loved you to the moon and back without any preconceived notions. I adored them from the minute they placed their arms around me to welcome us. We shot our engagement session first and it was shot right below where Ana and Matti live in Dalt Villa! I adored the small pathway, walkways, in and around the village. I felt as if I was in a different country and I was. The perfume of bouganvillas filled the air as well as vegetable gardens on the verandas of some whom dwell there. What a divine place to shoot. Here are a few shots I took while meandering through the village.

Engagement shoot, Ibiza, Spain 272

Engagement shoot, Ibiza, Spain 161

Engagement shoot, Ibiza, Spain 156

Engagement shoot, Ibiza, Spain 150

Engagement shoot, Ibiza, Spain 123

Engagement shoot, Ibiza, Spain 096

Engagement shoot, Ibiza, Spain 091

Engagement shoot, Ibiza, Spain 080Engagement shoot, Ibiza, Spain 074

Engagement shoot, Ibiza, Spain 073

Engagement shoot, Ibiza, Spain 064

Engagement shoot, Ibiza, Spain 061

Engagement shoot, Ibiza, Spain 040

Engagement shoot, Ibiza, Spain 014





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Baby Shower Styling At Belle!

As most of you know I own and run Belle Victorian Gardens and also have a styling business, Romancing the Stone Styling. It has been so long since I have blogged so I am elated to share with you a baby shower I styled just for a very dear young lady I have known for years. Sarah is like a daughter to me and has known my daughter since junior high school. Her and her husband Jerrod, have tried for years to have a baby and have been through many trials to be successful. God’s timing and purposes are so perfect! Let’s just say that He knows best and now they are going to be blessed with a beautiful baby boy in a few weeks. We are ecstatic for them and wanted this celebration to be extra special. Sarah has choses Noah’s Ark for the theme of this little ones room so we decided to theme the baby shower A Star Is Born with a Noah’s Ark spin. Because it is so cold outside, and much snow on the ground, I wanted something sparkly and celestial for part of this soriee’s decor. Stars are always one of my favorites and gave me a chance to incorporate lots of glitter. God Bless you Sarah and Jerrod on the miracle of this amazing event. We cannot wait to meet Mr. Baby Love Bug Jackson!

Sarah and Jerrods Baby Shoot 072




2013-01-22_125306 2013-01-22_125623 More of Sarah's Shower 054 Sarah's actual Shower! 018 Sarah's actual Shower! 019 Sarah's actual Shower! 055 Sarah's actual Shower! 112 Sarah's actual Shower! 117 Sarah's actual Shower! 126 Sarah's actual Shower! 130 Sarah's actual Shower! 167 Sarah's actual Shower! 220 Sarah's actual Shower! 251 Sarah's Shower ans scenery 018 The real shower day! 012 The real shower day! 018 The real shower day! 034-1



The real shower day! 061-1

2013-01-20_014626 More of Sarah's Shower 003-1 Sarah's actual Shower! 012 Sarah's actual Shower! 107 Sarah's actual Shower! 191 Sarah's actual Shower! 251 Sarah's actual Shower! 262 Sarah's Shower ans scenery 016

More of Sarah's Shower 005-1 More of Sarah's Shower 035 Sarah's actual Shower! 094 Sarah's actual Shower! 246 Sarah's Shower ans scenery 028-1 The real shower day! 098-1

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A Tuscany Villa Inspired Shoot

     This winter, my dear friend Meg and I, were longing for warmer weather and a place beyond Spokane!  We stumbled upon a magical place that took us to the architecture of a Tuscany villa.  It was cold and snow was still on the ground, but we conjured up this Italy inspired shoot despite the weather.  Thanks to Miss Kahdija Red Thunder for braving the cold to model for us.  The results were stunning and one of may favorites.  Also a big thanks to Erica’s Expressions for the beautiful florals.  Photography by the one and only Meg from www.easydreamerphotography.com.  She interprets my work like no other!  Styling by Pam from www.romancingthestonestyling.com.

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Parisian, Lovely, Bakeshop Bliss!

What is better than a beautiful floral arrangement on a pretty little chair, up against a Parisian inspired piece of wallpaper?  Cupcakes, that’s what!  Judy Rozier, a dear friend, opened her Sweet Frosting Bakeshop this past fall and is it ever divine.  When you visit you will instantly feel great.  It is a light infusion of organic and lovely proportions. If you have never tried her salted caramel cupcakes, you have no idea what you are missing.  I adore her choice of colors and lightheartedness.  She will be adding gelato and espresso to her menu very soon.  As you are walking downtown with your baby, stop by, on the corner of Washington and  Sprague, and pick up a dozen of your favorites.  Her wedding cakes are a masterpiece!  I can smell the salted caramel from here.

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