My Vintage Valentine

I recently just met Jenny Stadile at Carousel Vintage Clothing.  What a gifted and talented young lady she is.  I am constantly impressed with the innovative women that I meet in the city of Spokane.  We instantly hit it off as the conversation went from wedding attire to dressing our barbies when we young girls.  Jenny shared with me that her inspiration and passion for fashion, if you will, came as a result of designing and hand sewing barbie doll clothes at age 11. I must say that I have never seen such small detailed stitches in my life.  Jenny has collected vintage clothing for about 5 years prior to purchasing the Carousel.  She buys outright and does not consign. Her hours are Tuesday through Sunday 10am to 6pm.  You can find Jenny’s fashions on Facebook under Carousel Vintage Clothing and she can also be found on the beloved Etsy.  All you Belle Brides, I cannot tell how fun it would be to have each of your bridesmaids in some of these gorgeous 40’s and 50’s gowns.  Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and wouldn’t it be oh so fashionable to dress up in vintage 50’s and spend a wonderful night out with your man. Food for thought!

Jenny's hand sewn barbie fashions.

Jenny says Hi!

What a pretty Valentines Day dress or bridesmaids dress!

This is a to-die-for wedding dress!

How oh so sweet and petite. Love the bow and bubble hemline.

Another amazing 1940's satin vintage bridal gown.


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2 Responses to My Vintage Valentine

  1. Jenny Stabile says:

    Thanks! I still love my barbies:)

  2. Pam says:

    You are welcome Jenny! It is an absolute pleasure to get to know you. I totally connected with the barbie thing and making their clothes. You go girl.

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