The Road That Led To Belle!

I was reminiscing the other day about all the wonderful creative things that the Lord has allowed me to do in my lifetime.  I decided that I would share some of my work that has led me to style weddings and to take care of this amazing property that we so lovingly call Belle Victorian Gardens.  I’ve always had a bent for all things pretty and dreamy.  My mama was an avid seamstress so I learned to sew my own doll clothes at an early age.  Once I mastered doll clothes design, I started to sew and make my own clothes.  After I married I decided to teach myself to bake and decorate wedding cakes, thus the wedding craft became part of who I am. Baking is a pastime that has taken me far especially at the winter fair in Bozeman, Montana long ago. With that said I’ve designed complete weddings, made my own wedding gown designs, bridesmaids dresses and so on.  For years I and 3 other of my dear friends, did shows in our homes and sold some of our one-of-a-kind home-decor design pieces.  I also bought old junk furniture and slipped covered them and sold them for 100 times the money. I also have an extreme love for antiques and all things vintage.

Cupboard of Champions winner 2yrs. running. So Funny! Mid 1980's

Just a few of my ribbons won at the fair!

Created and ran my own business, Cookies on a Stick!

Baking Queen turned business woman!

My famous themed doctor's bags.

4th of July and a fishing doctor's bag.

Wall hangings made from antique mirror frames.

Decorated garden chair, antique themed chair.

Music themed window shadow box, decorated mirrored window.

3 foot themed snowman.

Upholstered antique rocker, slipped covered 40's chair.

Fishing Christmas window swag.

Decorated garden chair, junked dresser.

Vintaged themed scale, Christmas wreath.

Open window shadow box for a garden.

Slipped covered 40's couch!

Wreath on old garden gate.

Re-upholstered  bedroom chair.

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3 Responses to The Road That Led To Belle!

  1. lezlee cheek says:

    I just met your son, here in Texas, and I said, I think I ‘ve been to Belle Gardens, in bloggy life, not real life…so I told him to give me your site…What a lovely place, and yes, I had browsed it, but now I am following along…I love to decorate for parties and love trash to treasure…I can tell by your post down memory lane what a hard and creative worker you are. I enjoyed visiting with Josh…I have a Josh, too, my oldest.

    Small World,

    • Pam says:

      Lezlee, thank-you for such sweet compliments. I love turning junk to something useable. It is such a small world that you would meet my son way down in Texas. I love that! Keep up the fun work and I hope that maybe you can continue to follow my blog. It will be fun to show you my weddings this season. I love and appreciate that you commented, thanks again!

  2. Sierra Kent says:

    I loved hearing about how you and Larry created Belle. I feel blessed to have you help Bruce and I create our dream wedding. I know with your thoughtfulness and creativity it will be better than I can even imagine. 🙂
    Sierra Kent

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