Display! Showing Off The Things You Love

Collections, we all have them.  They are important to us, they are our treasures.  They may have been our grandmothers or our mama’s.  They may have been salvaged from a junk show or an estate sale.  One thing is for sure, they beg to be shown off!  I’m personally in love with my vintage china and my vintage anything for that matter.  I adore my 50’s party and prom dresses.

Arranging your beautiful things is as simple as loving them.  I do a lot of moving my possessions around until I find just the perfect spot.  Grouping like things together is also a great idea.  Awesome things come in big numbers.  Here are a few examples of the treasures that I have collected over the years.

My beloved mix-matched china. This is a collection of many years in the making. Some from my mama, grandmama, and from around the world.

My frilly pink under slip that I bought at the Funky Junk Show this last weekend. This could almost be worn as a dress. I love how the light hits the back of the dress hanging in front of the window.

Cream colored slip that could also be worn as a dress, or dyed to a different color. I also love the ruffle on the bottom of the slip. Beautylicious!

One of my most favorite things! My 50's lilac inspired prom dress. Displayed on a wardrobe in the hallway outside the brides room. Beautilicious!

My lilac hat from the 30's. LOVE IT! Displayed by my dress.


My pink 50's party dress. Lovingly hanging on the mantle in the brides room for now!

I love a great collection of vintage baby dresses. Here mine are displayed with a vintage lacey tutu and a collection of belts on the other side. Grouping a lot of alike things works great!

I also have a soft spot for old glass bottles. Here I display them on a vanity with a vintage piece of silver underneath. Silver trays add an elegance to any collection.

Another idea for my glistening bottles. Display them on a glass pedestal cake plate. Add some pearls and wah-la, you have a feminine lovely arrangement. I just absolutely adore this.

My vintage saltine cracker box. I have collaged a sifter, cornbread mixes, an old mustard tin, cards, and many other various things inside. I've had this tin for about 15 years and I think I paid a dollar for it. It is proably worth around 100 dollars today.

Old world Santa's painted on vintage spindles, fiesta ware, vintage scales, my grandmothers moccasions, vintage tins, etc.., These things sit atop my home made dough table, lovingly built by my grandfather Noah.

Grandpa's hutch in full view.

Above my kitchen cabinets I have a great collection of my rag dolls and vintage scales, tins and all kinds of fun things.

I also have a passion for leaded glass windows. More of the top of my kitchen cabinets.


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