The Making of Beautiful Ribbon Belts

 Last week I spent an afternoon with my August 4th, 2012 bride, Sierra Kent.  She and her fiance Bruce are avid collectors of  World War II  memorabilla.  They will be doing their engagement pictures in a couple of weeks around that thought and era.  We wanted to spice up her 40’s gown with a little bit of 2011.  We fashioned ribbon belts to add to any attire.  You can also make these to put in your hair, of which Sierra will be doing for her bridesmaids.  This is what we came up with and also how you can do it yourself.  Have fun and many blessings to you and your families this Easter season.
 Sierra’s final belt!  Absolutely gorgeous work.  Love how it works with this vintage dress.
 I love pink and black, this is the one I made.  It also looks good on a vintage gown.
 Sierra’s up close.
 You want to start out with 11 inches of 1 and a half to 2 inch ribbon.  Bring the cut ends together and sew on a machine or by hand.  After that you will run a chain stitch along one end of the ribbon on the machine or by hand.  Make sure to leave a tail of thread on both ends of about 3 inches so you can pull to gather.  I always use upholstery thread because it is so much stronger and will not break when gathering.
 Then you will pull on the loose 3 inch tails of thread to gather up the end of the ribbon like pictured.  You can gather as tight as you wish.  If you are laying your flowers then you do not have to gather so tight in the middle as another flower will be on top.  It is really fun to layer 2 or 3 flowers to make one.  If you are just going to be done at one then you need to pull it tight, so that you can put a button in the center.
 Once you have gathered tight, then you will want to knot your thread a couple of times to hold the gathering in place.
 Cut a circle of crenoline to attach to the back to give your flower stability.  Use your hot glue gun to attach or you can hand sew it on as well. 


Once you have completed the crenoline you may now add a vintage button to the center by hot glueing or sewing it on.

Sierra hard at work crafting, we had so much fun!  Your engagement images will definitely be something to remember.  Thank-you for such a fun day.


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3 Responses to The Making of Beautiful Ribbon Belts

  1. Carli Wentworth says:

    So cute! Where is the purple dress from? I love it!

  2. Jenny says:

    Pam, I love these! I’m always in search of fun new projects♥!

  3. Hi Pam! So darling!! You have a beautiful blog! Enjoyed visiting.

    XO Glad & Celia

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