Romancing The Stone Styling!

I am pleased to announce the birth of my new styling business, Romancing the Stone.  I have been styling weddings on and off for about 30 years.  It is a deep passion for me to help a bride and groom bring their personality to their big day!  Long gone are the days of cookie cutter weddings, it is all about little special touches of the couples choice.  Vintage is very big, it has a romance all it’s own, especially the 40’s era.  Jodi and Todd did just that!  Jodi wore a beautiful purple 40’s ball gown and Todd a modern suit, suspenders and bow tie.  Very dashing indeed!  Jodi and Todd are a extremely special couple, with a love for their dogs and of course each other.  It was a joy to help you acheive a special touch to your engagement photos. A special thank-you to Mr. Jays for photographing these special images.  Enjoy!














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