Grouping Together The Things I Love!

One of the things that I love most about the wedding business is the abundance of all things beautiful. I have had the greatest pleasure, over the course of my life, collecting some of my favorite things. I love china, handmade dolls, recycling old things and finding a new purpose for them. I also adore the Christmas season and all things that are beautiful that come with it. Having a big house to decorate is such a pleasure and I spend a lot of time preparing it for my family and friends. Today starts my decorating trek! I really wanted to share with you how much fun, and sense, it is to use what you have to decorate for Christmas. I also want you to see some of my most prized, handmade, collections. Using the old and the new is most inspiring! Enjoy the season.


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One Response to Grouping Together The Things I Love!

  1. Jodi Donoghue-Underwood says:

    Love, love, love. Bring’s back the good memories of us junking- the van door sliding open as we ran to the estate sale to dig for treasures- everyone for thenselves at that point. Then getting back to the van to share what we found with each other. The 4 Muskateers we called ourselves. You & Pat dilly dallying and discussing this and that as you examined some found treasure. Julie & I with our eyes darting everywhere- we didn’t dally as we seemed to know what we liked in a instant & would hurry from room to room. Our various ways of going about our junking always ended up with laughter and screams and exclamations of joy. Then we’d see the end results… The re-purposing of our found treasures in ways no one else could ever think of. The awe we felt of each others’ gift to create these beautiful things! It was a wonderous time. I love you Pam. My special, creative and beautiful friend.

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