A Candlelight Affair, Linzy and Jeremy

I had the pleasure of styling this small and lovely wedding at the gorgeous home of the brides Aunt and Uncle, Bob and Ann.  What lovely hospitality they gave from their hearts and this was so fresh and unencumbered with the stresses of a large affair.  The flowers were created by the ever so amazing Evergreen Florist, the best in the whole northwest.  The cake was designed by Sweet Frosting, one layer salted caramel, and the other chocolate.  My mouth is watering just thinking about it.  The food it was decided upon, would be light hors d’oeuvres since the ceremony would take place at 6:30pm.   The food was all  planned and prepared by scratch by the brides grandmother Janet.  Janet you are such a loving spirit and God has truly gifted you in your heart to serve in this manner.  My heart is full of joy having had been involved in this wedding and it was so sweet to give them the best that I had to give.  Jeremy is stationed in the service at Fairchild Air Force Base and Linzy is working in Spokane.  Here is their love day!




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