Baby Shower Styling At Belle!

As most of you know I own and run Belle Victorian Gardens and also have a styling business, Romancing the Stone Styling. It has been so long since I have blogged so I am elated to share with you a baby shower I styled just for a very dear young lady I have known for years. Sarah is like a daughter to me and has known my daughter since junior high school. Her and her husband Jerrod, have tried for years to have a baby and have been through many trials to be successful. God’s timing and purposes are so perfect! Let’s just say that He knows best and now they are going to be blessed with a beautiful baby boy in a few weeks. We are ecstatic for them and wanted this celebration to be extra special. Sarah has choses Noah’s Ark for the theme of this little ones room so we decided to theme the baby shower A Star Is Born with a Noah’s Ark spin. Because it is so cold outside, and much snow on the ground, I wanted something sparkly and celestial for part of this soriee’s decor. Stars are always one of my favorites and gave me a chance to incorporate lots of glitter. God Bless you Sarah and Jerrod on the miracle of this amazing event. We cannot wait to meet Mr. Baby Love Bug Jackson!

Sarah and Jerrods Baby Shoot 072




2013-01-22_125306 2013-01-22_125623 More of Sarah's Shower 054 Sarah's actual Shower! 018 Sarah's actual Shower! 019 Sarah's actual Shower! 055 Sarah's actual Shower! 112 Sarah's actual Shower! 117 Sarah's actual Shower! 126 Sarah's actual Shower! 130 Sarah's actual Shower! 167 Sarah's actual Shower! 220 Sarah's actual Shower! 251 Sarah's Shower ans scenery 018 The real shower day! 012 The real shower day! 018 The real shower day! 034-1



The real shower day! 061-1

2013-01-20_014626 More of Sarah's Shower 003-1 Sarah's actual Shower! 012 Sarah's actual Shower! 107 Sarah's actual Shower! 191 Sarah's actual Shower! 251 Sarah's actual Shower! 262 Sarah's Shower ans scenery 016

More of Sarah's Shower 005-1 More of Sarah's Shower 035 Sarah's actual Shower! 094 Sarah's actual Shower! 246 Sarah's Shower ans scenery 028-1 The real shower day! 098-1


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2 Responses to Baby Shower Styling At Belle!

  1. DressedinMYcloset says:

    This is absolutely adorable! Pam, everything you touch is gold… When we have a baby, you are going to be one of the first people I call!

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