Styling An Engagement In Spain!

I am sure most of my lovely, faithful, and endearing followers know that this past Fall I was asked to style a photo workshop in Ibiza, Spain. It was such an honor to be asked to go and even more exciting to be in Europe. Ibiza took me by surprise with its beauty. It is a coastal town right on the ocean. It is a destination wedding island much like Hawaii is to us. The small town of Ibiza is rich with culture. The old town of Dalt’ Villa remains on the upper hill in the city and is still surrounded with massive rock fortress walls. It has been richly preserved for all locals to enjoy and all tourists to partake. And partake we did! We stayed in a beautiful, luxury hostel right below the old city gates. We were treated like Kings and Queens. Ana, our beautiful host and her amazingly, handsome man Matia, were the most gracious people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. They were divine friends for life. They embraced us as if to say we have loved you to the moon and back without any preconceived notions. I adored them from the minute they placed their arms around me to welcome us. We shot our engagement session first and it was shot right below where Ana and Matti live in Dalt Villa! I adored the small pathway, walkways, in and around the village. I felt as if I was in a different country and I was. The perfume of bouganvillas filled the air as well as vegetable gardens on the verandas of some whom dwell there. What a divine place to shoot. Here are a few shots I took while meandering through the village.

Engagement shoot, Ibiza, Spain 272

Engagement shoot, Ibiza, Spain 161

Engagement shoot, Ibiza, Spain 156

Engagement shoot, Ibiza, Spain 150

Engagement shoot, Ibiza, Spain 123

Engagement shoot, Ibiza, Spain 096

Engagement shoot, Ibiza, Spain 091

Engagement shoot, Ibiza, Spain 080Engagement shoot, Ibiza, Spain 074

Engagement shoot, Ibiza, Spain 073

Engagement shoot, Ibiza, Spain 064

Engagement shoot, Ibiza, Spain 061

Engagement shoot, Ibiza, Spain 040

Engagement shoot, Ibiza, Spain 014






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