Setting The Record Straight!

52ef80ad989af828e426974909160398                                     Because I post  a lot of my work on facebook, some of you may have noticed the fact that I am now doing some photography and also working to learn more about photoshop.  Photography is a highly creative medium and one that I have had my hands in for quite some time now, since high school to be exact.   Because we own a venue, and my couples hire photographers to document their wedding day, I feel that there has been some misconceptions about what will happen to Belle referrals concerning photography.  There have been many things said or assumed in the industry about what Pam and Larry might or might not be doing concerning this issue.  I have heard everything from the fact that Larry is now going to become Belle’s own DJ to Pam will now be photographing all her couples as part of Belle’s wedding package.  This is why I am writing to hopefully help set the record straight!


     I have always been a person that thrives on creativity.  I adore anything that lives or breathes loveliness.  I am at an age in my life that I feel time could be very limited. None of us are guaranteed tomorrow and there are may things I want to accomplish before I leave this earth.  Documenting my business, my life’s work, my loves, and the things that swirl around my head are just a few of them.    Sometimes it is very difficult to convey these things to another photographer.  I have always been a do it yourself kind of person.  It is so much easier to take on certain things than to have someone do it for you.  I am good at doing most things creative and this definitely has come with a price.  What is most difficult is the ill truths that are talked about a person that are certainly not true.  I am frustrated by the fact that these few people will not seek the source for the truth.   It is very hurtful when they speak of these non truths and carry it to others.  This is truly why I am writing so my heart is known.  I just want to express myself in the area of photo journalism.  I have the right to do so, just like any one else.  Please forgive me if I have hurt you or stepped on your toes in any way.  My heart is to never intentionally hurt anyone.  I am learning all the ethics of the photography world and I know in this learning process I have hurt a few of you and my heart is sick over it.  I have tried to address it personally.  There are many people in my life who have been super supportive and I thank each and every one of you, and you know who you are. 



     I just want to let everyone know that Larry will not be acting as a DJ out at Belle and Pam will not be an onsite photographer for Belle.  It would be physically impossible to do these jobs along with everything else we do on a wedding day.  I will and always will, take photos of my couples during their wedding day, when I can, to post on facebook for my future brides and facebook followers to view right away.  I do not owe anyone referrals although I love to refer great people.  I want my couples and their families to have the ultimate experience at Belle on their wedding day.  I am about serving them, not serving other vendors or my own needs.   I am honored to work with so many wonderful people in the wedding field and I would not be where I am right now if not for some of you.  My heart and head are full of the possibilities that are to come in learning new things and exploring new ideas in the wedding industry.  Again, I am ecstatic to be part of this industry and encourage any of you who may hear things circulating around the grapevine to check always first and foremost with the source.  Gossip is truly a really distasteful thing.  Thank-you so very much for lending me your ear and understanding!  Last but not least thank-you ever so much for your loyal following and support of all things lovely and edifing. 



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One Response to Setting The Record Straight!

  1. Jennifer Harvey says:

    You are an amazing creative person and I hope you nurture and grow at your photojournalism. Keep up the great creative work and don’t let idle gossip get to you. It’s how you know your doing I something great. Why else would people get jealous?

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