Partying At Belle, Give Away Details!


     So excited to share with all my wonderful readers and followers that Belle is now offering Baby Showers and Princess Birthday Parties. There are so many details to inform you about. Hopefully this little flyer explains a little more info about the beautifully styled baby showers we will be offering at Belle. We will be specializing in taking care of all the details for up to 25 guests, including lunch, drinks, a stunning candy bar and a beautifully decorated cake by Sweet Frosting.  Best of all, all the glitter and glam will be documented by Meg from Megan Robinson Photography, You will be given all the high-resolution files to print at your leisure.  All of this and your sweet baby shower will be styled to perfection by Pam at Romancing the Stone Styling, We are scheduling all baby showers in the winter months from early October through the end of April.

     For our Princess Birthday Parties, we are offering full photography coverage by Kim with Kim Stadler Photography,, as well as styling from Romancing the Stone. You will be allowed up to 8 guests, with all the tea time sandwiches and cuisine, cake, ice cream, and a candy bar. We are scheduling our birthday parties from June through September during the week, Monday through Wednesday. All guests will be treated to a princess parade all dressed to the nines in authentic vintage gowns, crowns, gloves, and jewelry. Each young lady will be individually photographed by Kim in her vintage gown. An old-fashioned cake walk will be played with a beautifully decorated cake as the prize! A trip around the maypole is also on the agenda as well as much, much more. Come and let us take care of all the details so you can enjoy this magical day with your daughter and her friends.


     We are so excited to hear from some of you.  If you want to give a gift of lasting impact and memories, give us a call today at 509-276-6939 and we will be more than happy to discuss in more detail what we can do for you.  We can also quote you a specified investment that fits your event to a tee.  Let us make this once in a lifetime event, over the moon delightful!


     Now for the best part! We want to give away a beautifully styled photo session by Romancing the Stone Styling and photographed by the incomparable Megan Robinson. This session will include hair and professional make-up as well. The fortunate winner will receive a 2 hour session along with all the high-resolution files on a disc for you to print how you wish!  All you have to do is go to Megs website,, and Romancing’s website,, and then head back over here to leave a comment on what you love most about Meg’s photography, and why you feel styling is important to a big event in your life such as a wedding, baby shower, and or a birthday. We are so thrilled to hear from you and a random drawn winner will be announced on AppleBrides on March 8th.   The winner will be notified by email.  Happy Entering!


The real shower day! 098


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15 Responses to Partying At Belle, Give Away Details!

  1. Carrie says:

    Megan Robinson is one of my favorite local photographers. I love her ability to capture the details of an event. She also brings a lovely dream like quality to her portraits, capturing perfect lighting. Pam, you’re so gifted at bringing beautiful surprises to occasions. I value those thoughtful and creative details. They are important to making lasting impressions on the guests, but more importantly on the clients that want to feel special and desire to remember all the love and delightfulness for a lifetime.

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  3. Kele Osborn says:

    Details. They make the day- any day at that. I can remember my special day at Belle, every ounce of detail was swooned upon by my guests.. They truly complete the essence and set the mood for any occasion- I adore the details that go into styling, they truly can make or break any event- I am so grateful to have had such a fabulous stylist like Pam for my wedding day! Megan Robinson, this girl has some serious talent. I’ve kept an eye on blogs that Pam shared with the world on his adventure to Spain and her styled photoshoots and Megan was the eye behind the magic. Just looking at her home page makes me melt. I adore her soft touch to every photo and edgy take on small details and the models. She is fabulous!

  4. Loretta Evans says:

    I think Meghan captures each individual in her photos! You can truly see the personality of each person shine through and that’s what makes an amazing photgrapher. And Pam’s stying is amazing! It looks like the fairy tale you always dreamed created right before your eyes! You can’t help but admire her work! I would love to win this to show off my baby and me! Thanks for the consideration!

  5. saraxstorySara says:

    My name is Sara Story, I am also a local photographer. I’m here because I love the work of both Meg Robinson and Pam Terpstra. I love the dreamy pastel quality in all of Meg’s images and the perfect design elements dreamed up by Pam. I highly value the use of a designer for any type of portrait session. A designer is often better equip with unique elements that add that perfect ‘je ne se qua’ that the photographer alone cannot provide. They’re also able to assist the client in a way the photographer cannot, by guiding them through the process of designing a photo shoot from to to bottom. The perfect photographer knows just how to capture those details and emotions of those being photographed. As a photographer myself, I’ve loved giving my clients beautiful portraits they can love and value. I’ve also dreamed of being treated with the type of shoot on Meg’s blog, or Pam’s blog, but it just hasn’t happened for one reason or other. I have a beautiful husband and daughter, and I would so love to have us capture in a portrait that I’ve always imagined. I couldn’t think of a more perfect combination of photographer and designer for the photo shoot of my dreams. Thank you for your consideration. – Sara Story

    PS: I also greatly admire Kim Stadler’s photography. Any birthday with her as the photographer, will be amazing!

  6. Ali Marshall says:

    I don’t even have to go to Meg’s website to tell you what I love about her stuff – I already follow her work/adventures closely! I somewhat feel like my adventurous side lives vicariously through Megan, actually : ) I notice that she always captures, real, everyday life of the world around her, which tells me how much she appreciates the natural beauty of this awesome life she’s living! I also love her style of lighting. OH and how stinking cute she always is. As far as styling goes – style is important to me personally because it’s a way of expressing who I am without words – it’s such a fun way to show an extension of ME. Thanks for putting on such a fun giveaway – I’d love to be able to spend time with BOTH of you!

  7. Jackie Warrick says:

    My oh my. I could say confidently that Meg’s photography is the best around- which would be an understatement. What’s closer to the truth though, is that Meg’s photography alone can put pretty much any photographers work to shame. (No offense people, but just look at her work). Then, when you put Pam’s styling along side of it…you have a work of beautifully, thought out and shot work that can really, and I mean really, make you think, appreciate, and love things so much more! The little things especially. The details what it’s all about and they never forget that! Styling can just say so much about a person, that you’d maybe never know about them unless you’ve talked to them time and time again. Styling is expressing yourself and what you love without words. Meg’s photography inspires me daily to grow in my own photography and reach for the stars. As for Pam’s styling, you can’t beat the work she does..and anybody would agree. The lucky winner I know will deserve this and it’s such a fun and wonderful give-a-way! Wouldn’t expect any less from the two of you sweeties! 🙂

  8. Dyanna Swenson says:

    I adore Megan and her photography. Her details and vintage touch are beautiful, not to mention the way she uses light. I love how she takes the simplest things (like fresh fruit, herbs, or am pair of red shoes) and makes them art. Her work brings back the beauty of a “simpler” time.
    The styling at Romancing the Stone does this as well – what a great pairing! Styling is the touch that makes things memorable. What may seem as a little detail, actually adds so much to the picture, the party. Styling in itself is an art-form and a way of expression.
    This is an AMAZING give-away!!!! My fingers are crossed! (and my toes!)

  9. Heather says:

    Lovely! Megan’s composition is stunning. Really beautiful work!

    I think one reason that styling is important is because it has the ability to create a fluent feeling at your event: we feel familiar; comfortable; soothed. When there is no plan or coordination, an event can tend to feel chaotic or disconnected.


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  11. Shannon says:

    I LOVE that Megan’s work is very natural and ethereal. Her work is beautiful!
    As for the styling aspect, it really makes the whole event! Styling is quintessential to an event’s vibe – which is why every detail is so important! Not to mention styling = organization, and the more organized you are the more relaxed you are!

  12. Zach says:

    My wife and I love Megan’s style of photography. She is able to capture the moment in such a beautiful way and her images are perfect. I love how natural they are. Romancing the stone’s styling is wonderful as well! I know styling is really important because it helps set the mood and gets people in te right mindset for the wedding, shower, etc. we have seen some of their shoots And it really heightens the pictures!

  13. Elanna Romey says:

    Both Megan and Pam clearly have an eye for making even the smallest details totally gorgeous. My husband and I were fortunate enough to be able to book Megan as our wedding photographer – she did an AMAZING job! The gorgeous light and color she is able to capture gives her photos a serene, dreamy quality that I just love. Styling ensures that every detail is meaningful, cohesive, and contributes to the magic of the event. Plus, having someone with not only a wealth of creativity and experience, but also the resources to make your vision a reality, would be so awesome! I would LOVE a chance to work with Megan again and to see what Romancing the Stone will come up with for this session!

  14. Brittany Wagstaff says:

    Megan’s work is so inspiring and really evokes a reaction to her viewers. The soft focus brings a dream like quality to the pictures that really make the focal point absolutely stunning. There is so much detail put into each photoshoot and it is very apparent that styling is crucial for the big events in life. You want to look back on those moments and think “damn. I looked good.” Meg definitely captures that moment with each person she shoots with. She has such a natural talent to see beauty and bring it to life. It truly shows through her photos.

  15. debbiemitchellphotography says:

    I found Meg randomly on Facebook and it was love at first sight. Meg’s style stands out like impressionistic works of art with a soft, natural, and timeless beauty. Her subjects look like nature goddesses with vivacious nature and light surrounding them. I love the details of the styling too: the airy dresses, long beautiful hair, the crown pieces, and of course the vibrant fresh flowers.

    I’m a photographer and it would be a photographer’s dream to win a styled photo session with Meg and Pam. I would love a solo session of just me, I’m usually the one always behind the camera taking pictures and don’t have many “good” pictures of just me. This would be a welcome break to be pampered and meet one of my favorite local photographer’s – Meg.

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